Welcome To The RA Tech UK Ltd

Brand Ambassador Program


About the Program


Welcome to the RA Tech UK Brand Ambassador program

All of our Brand Ambassadors have been selected not only for their use of hotun as a product but for their continued exemplary work and contributions to the plumbing industry.

By promoting good practices, quality workmanship, giving the benefit of their experiences to other up-coming plumbers or other positive input to the industry, all of our Brand Ambassadors have, in some way and in our opinion, contributed to the industry and because they have also, on a continual basis, previously fitted our hotun dry trap tundishes and hotun detect alarm units, they have qualified themselves to be invited to become our TOP TUN – hotun – Brand Ambassadors.

Anyone can become a TOP TUN – hotun – Brand Ambassador, but only by invitation or application AFTER you have proved to us your continued use of our products and your positive contributions to the plumbing industry!

To become invited to our program, keep posting your pictures of your hotun dry trap tundish and hotun detect installations and tagging us in on any social media channel, to highlight to us the quality of your workmanship


Benefits to the program can include:
  • Free promotional goodies
  • Free sample products
  • Inclusion in our testing programs (evaluating our upcoming products)
  • Free products for your installations!
  • Promotion from the RA Tech website/Facebook/Social media channels with backlinks to your sites
  • Your own social media/web page promotions being a RA Tech UK Ltd Brand Ambassador
  • Other benefits available on invitation and application

Meet our Brand Ambassadors

Dan Tempest

ST Plumbing & Heating

West Yorkshire


Dan is a second-generation plumbing and heating engineer, fully 18th Edition Electrical (Napit) Registered with 25 years industry experience, specialising in bespoke system design and installation.

Dan’s ambition is to reduce carbon emissions one installation at a time.

Dan’s comments about hotun products

“I choose to use the hotun tundish and hotun detect as my default choice for my installations. As most appliances are hidden away, the alarm unit is perfect otherwise the customers generally don’t know there’s an issue until water starts to come through the ceiling!

The visual and audible warnings that hotun detect gives, covers all bases and protects customers and their property. So, in my opinion, hotun products are the best in the field”


Dan Ragan

Dan has worked in the industry for 16.5 years and is a Gas and Heating engineer that specialises in installation, service and repair but also covers all aspects of general plumbing.

Dan’s comments about hotun products

“brilliant products – I have been using hotun for a long time now and will continue to do so.

They look great and now they come with colour-matched connections, it finishes them of a treat. But more importantly, they do the job they are designed to do!

I always carry hotun products as van stock so I am never without them. I wouldn’t use any other product, I rate them 10/10″


Chris Smith

CS Heating Engineer

South East London


I started in the trade when I was 17 years old, getting an apprenticeship with a local reputable plumbing and heating company. I then passed my Gas exams at the age of 21 and have been at the same company for 7 years now. I currently do all types of installs such as combi conversions, system upgrades, boiler swaps etc.

I am very passionate about my work.

Chris’s comments about hotun products

“The hotun dry trap tundish is really easy to install, it saves time not having to run another pipe to external

hotun is simple to explain to the customer, in that, if they see water dripping through the tundish, this lets them know that their boiler or unvented water heater has a problem that needs fixing”


Apply here to become a hotun Brand Ambassador