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Technical Advice and updates about our hotun range of products

Our Technical Bulletins provide additional technical advice about our hotun range of dry trap tundishes. Giving the specifier, consultant, merchant or installer important details resulting from our ongoing research or feedback from the trade.

These updates will share relevant information making sure you are kept up to date with important information

Latest Bulletins or Articles of our Award Winning hotun range of dry trap tundishes & products

Technical Bulletin – TBRA 0101

Installation testing and troubleshooting of dry trap tundishes

Date of publication 05 June 2019

1/ Trickle flow

2/ Full flow

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Technical Bulletin – TBRA 0102 

The effect of water flow through a tundish and D2 and the proximity of the first elbow

Date of publication 15th November 2021

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In one simple fitting, hotun solves the problem of compliantly running a PRV valve discharge from a pressurised hot water cylinder relief valve or boiler pressure relief valve to a local waste or soil pipe.

hotun combines a tundish and a non-return valve to make a dry trap tundish which acts as a visible early warning device and prevents foul odours from escaping from the waste/soil pipe.


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