10 year warranty

10 year conditional warranty

To qualify for the warranty the installer must register the product installation. Failure to register the product and carry out the annual service will invalidate the warranty.

When installed in compliance with the installation instructions, is registered and has an annual service check, hotun and hotun hiflo are warranted for a period of 5 years (parts, plus labour up to £35.00 +VAT) and a further 5 years (parts only) for any manufacturing fault or defect. Once the product is registered, RA Tech UK Ltd will undertake to send out annual reminders to both the installer and the customer that the service for hotun is due.

For the warranty to be valid for the period described above the registration card, being completed by the installer, must be returned to RA Tech within 14 days of the installation date and must have the annual service checks and service records filled out, by a competent engineer. The registration of the product may also be carried out online here.

For full installation, operation, service and warranty instructions please click here.

In the unlikely event that the product develops a manufacturing fault during this period, in the first instance, please send an email to technical@hotun.co.uk or call us on 01332 702678.