RA Tech UK Ltd announce the appointment of a new business development Manager

Announcement from Russell Armstrong Managing Director of RA Tech UK Ltd


Despite these difficult and challenging times, I am, as MD of RA Tech UK Ltd, always looking to enhance our business and grow our market. The decision to make an investment in the business is always carefully thought out. Sometimes, however, opportunities present themselves and choices have to be made quickly and happen at an unexpected time. A small business has to be prepared to make quick, but effective decisions and I was presented with such a decision recently.

To be fair, given the good relationship I have had with this person over the last 4 or 5 years, the decision was an easy one to make and after consulting with the rest of the RA Tech management team a unanimous vote was made.

It is, therefore, our great pleasure to announce that James Millar has decided to join our team as our Business Development Manager for Scotland and the whole of Ireland.

James has had many years of experience in our industry and is both well know and a popular character. He has previously worked for several very prestigious companies (amongst them MIRA, SANHA, and Conex Banninger) and has a proven track record in sales and growing the market he is working in.

It is our good fortune that James has accepted our invitation to join our small team in this role, and what with the launch of our new in-tundish alarm unit, hotun detect, James will be perfectly placed to help our business grow in this vital territory for our future plans, and we welcome James on board.

We know he will give all of our merchants and installers an increased level of service and knowledge that has become the ethos of our marketing philosophy.

We have always looked towards Scotland and Ireland as a very good market place for our products. Taking James on board shows our commitment to these territories and that we want to attract the best people in our industry to join our team. James is a natural fit for our products and our plans to expand.

James is based in the middle of Scotland and says ?I am excited to be joining Russell and the team at RA Tech. Having them spent the last 5 years building up the hotun product and RA Tech brand. It is an exciting time to be joining such an innovative and forward looking company, and I am especially looking forward to the reaction from the Trade about the new hotun detect alarm unit, on first sight, it is getting some really good reviews?

With our ever-growing sales for hotun we are proving that innovative concepts like the hotun dry trap tundish and now the hotun detect alarm unit, have an invaluable place in todays industry, helping installers lives easier and making cost-effective savings on those projects.

I wish James all the best in his new role and looking forward to working with him in the years ahead.

Russell Armstrong (Mciphe)

Managing Director

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