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The hotun product development story

hotun has been developed by RA Tech UK Ltd a company founded by experienced and respected plumber Russell Armstrong and this is the hotun product development story

Russel’s long experience in the building industry has led him to understand the practical problems that the introduction of new products and new regulations can sometimes create; and devise simple, effective ways to solve those problems.

Having come up with the idea of hotun, RA Tech has invested in patenting the product, in testing it fully, and having it tested and approved by relevant industry bodies. A major investment in tooling and manufacturing means that hotun can be specified and installed with confidence, and is offered with a full guarantee.

The story

Via his plumbing company (Integrated Interiors Plumbing and Repairs), Russell was commissioned to carry out a tea point installation in a landlocked interior office space at locally based company Johnsons removals. Having no access to a drain he needed to install a macerator to pump the water away. He also installed a local 15l unvented hot water cylinder underneath the sink. To comply with the regulations he knew that there had to be a visible means of discharge (via a standard tundish) but how would the smells be dealt with? Hard piping was out of the question (although he had seen that done in many installations) because it contravened the regulations on various counts. So in this instance he had to fit a second fully enclosed self sealing valve. Two products did the job but why wasn’t there something else out there that would resolve the issue? Despite scouring the market and with the help of his local merchants Willbond he could not come up with a viable alternative.

So he sat down and began to develop his ideas, and with the aid of 3D printing technology produced his first prototype. Almost every component in hotun is bespoke design. He has used British based companies to work with to help develop the product, from a spring and diaphragm to the bolt assembly all uniquely designed specifically for the product.

Russell can proudly claim that the product is entirely manufactured in the UK and many parts produced locally, and assembled in his home region of Derbyshire.

From the 3D prototype he commissioned a company to produce the professional graphic drawing package that would enable the injection molding tooling to be made. Further tests were carried out at various points of the design process, the spring was refined both in terms of production tolerance but in ease of manufacture. The high quality, high grade EPDM sealing diaphragm was carefully tested to ensure that an air tight seal was created to stop the odours coming back up. The shoulder bolt went through several alterations to ensure repeatability of the trigger point of the device. Hundreds of tests were carried out to determine the optimal balance between trigger point and an effective seal. It has been no easy task to undertake but Russell has stuck to his vision and is now ready to take the product to market.

To find out more about Russell please view his LinkedIn profile (social media icon in the footer) or his Derby based plumbing business