RA Tech UK Ltd Announces their Brand Ambassador Scheme

RA Tech UK Ltd announces their latest initiative to tell consumers about the water and energy saving benefits of the hotun detect in-tundish alarm unit when combined with the hotun dry trap tundish. To do this they are collaborating with several well respected installers and engineers as Brand Ambassadors.

The first Brand Ambassadors to be welcomed into this program are:

  • Dan Tempest of S T Plumbing and Heating
  • Dan Ragan of Dan Ragan Plumbing and Heating
  • Chris Smith of AC Wilgar

Each has a proven track record in the trade and exemplifies RA Tech’s professional approach that Russell Armstrong (the inventor of hotun and hotun detect and MD of RA Tech UK Ltd) wants to achieve. Each Brand Ambassador will be letting their customers know how the products can benefit by installing these products.




The trade knows that when a Pressure Relief Valve passes, this is a sign that there is something wrong with the appliance or system (boiler, unvented water heater etc). The problem that arises is that the consumer or homeowner, generally, does NOT know this!

With the launch of the hotun detect in-tundish alarm unit, the customer now has an almost full proof method of bringing this failure to their attention the moment it happens!


The small but effective alarm, by clever but simple design, senses the presence of water in the tundish and then emits an effective but not too noisy audible alert (also backed up but a warning light). This (72dBA) alert, happens once every 20 seconds, has an inbuilt auto mute and auto reset function.


The alarm unit comes with its own coin cell (2-3 year life, also with audible and manual low battery level alerts) and diagnostic function abilities.


The sensor board has a thermistor which allows the alarm to give one of four warnings depending on the temperature of the water.


When water passes out of the PRV, that is obviously wasted water, but it is important and necessary to indicate that something is wrong, however what IS wasting water, is to allow that to happen CONITUOUSLY without dealing with the problem!

Boilers will eventually shut down due to low pressure (probably at the most inconvenient of times) but water heaters will drip that water wasting it to drain for as long as it take to get the problem solved, and another matter is that that water will invariably be heated water meaning that the consumer has heated and is now going to waste that energy if they don’t do something about it promptly!


By fitting the alarm, this brings the issue to the attention of the consumer so that they can then deal with the problem quickly thereby not wasting water and energy needlessly


Fitting the alarm benefits the customer, the environment and the installer, who then is commissioned to carry out the repair


Our RA Tech Ambassadors already know this and they cant wait to tell their fellow installers about the benefits this gives to their colleagues and their customers

We welcome, Dan, Dan and Chris and are still seeking other Brand Ambassadors to help us push out the good word

For details on how to become a hotun Brand Ambassador please go to our website www.hotun.co.uk/become-a-brand-ambassador/