Professional Accreditations

Professional Accreditations are a vital part of any companies credibility and having joined the building industry from School, founder and Managing Director of RA Tech UK Ltd, Russell Armstrong, has had over 30 years of experience, both from a design point of view and then later on hands on carrying out plumbing installations.

As RA Tech has grown, we have taken on board other members of staff who also have a large amount of industry professional experience. Andy Pattison, joined us in 2019 and brings with him extensive knowledge of the heating industry.

Membership organisations

Part of the company’s ethos is to give back to the industry and to also develop knowledge and skills where we can and to have Professional Accreditation to match those goals

To do that we felt that it was important to become members of the industries professional bodies and have joined (so far) 5 of the most well know and established in the industry

Professional Accreditation - APHC Supplier Member
Professional Accreditation - CIPHE Industrial Associate
Hot Water association logo

To be members of these bodies, shows our commitment to uphold ourselves to the highest of professional standards and to take part in relevant industry professional development. Being an active part of these communities we aim to keep our focus on both consumers and the installers who specify, buy and install our products

Installer & Manufacturing support

Three of our accreditations show our support for the individual installer type people, being APHC, Ciphe and Snipef

The other two memberships, HHIC & HWA are manufacturing based type organisations giving us a voice in the development of standards and professional guidance

We hope to not only listen to the ground roots of our industry but also to help develop it.