hotun detect – it makes hotun sense

Pressure Relief Valve dripping water now alerts the user automatically

We are proud to introduce you to the world’s first in-tundish water detection, temperature sensing, audible and visual alarm system

Its benefits to the installer, end-user, and environment include

  • Audible & visual alarm of the relief valve passing water, indicating that there is something wrong with the system or appliance
  • Specifically meets the criterion in Building Regulations Guidance G3, para 3.55, which states
    “…in addition, where discharges from safety devices may not be apparent, eg. in dwellings occupied by people with impaired vision or mobility, consideration should be given to the installation of a suitable safety device to warn when discharge takes place, e.g. electronically operated.”
  • Helps save water and energy. By giving an audible warning the customer is given an early warning of water passing through the tundish indicating and alerting them to take action. This early action and remedial will save them water and the energy required to heat the water that would otherwise would be wasted down the drain
  • Can be used on ANY T/PRV or overflow drain pipework, where an active warning might give a useful indication that the water is running.
  • hotun detect is equipped with a thermocouple that has FOUR stages of warning and gives separate alarms depending on the temperature of the water
    • Level 1 up to 20?C
    • Level 2 from 21?C to 60?C
    • Level 3 from 61?C to 85?C
    • Level 4 from 86?C and above
  • These staged warnings gives the plumber/installer? an opportunity of triaging the problem over the phone
  • Simply, quick, hook on design
  • Requires no specialist electrical knowledge to fit
  • Battery operated (2032 coin cell, supplied with the detect unit)

Launched in April 2020

To watch a series of clips that explains the product is all about please go to our media library here


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