Merchant’s Information

We are actively looking for independent and national merchants to stock our range of hotun products including the new sf?range featuring


It is exciting?to?launch our newly developed products they have received?very good reviews from installers under our field testing programme & are sure to be in demand?by your customers. Dont?loose out and?apply to become part of the hotun journey by selling our?revolutionary products

If you are a merchant and wish to be put in touch with one of our UK distributors, please fill out the contact form below and we will get back in contact with you.

Many merchants get in touch with us because they have been asked by one of their customers to get the hotun tundish, but why wait to be asked? Get a few products in ready to go and you will start selling them pretty quickly

Once the products are on your shelf with our POS display board on your counter you will be pleasantly surprised with the reaction from your customers, with this in mind we suggest a profile of products which we call a “Starter Pack”. It is specifically designed to be the perfect way for merchants to start selling the hotun range.

With?the?sf?product?launch and the existing?100?range we suggest a stock profile of :

100 range
– 3 hotun 15/22 white
– 3 hotun 15/22 black
– 3 hotun hiflo 15/32 white
– 3 hotun hiflo 15/32 black
– 5 hotun shield

SF range
– 2 hotun sf 15/22 white
– 2 hotun sf 15/22 black
– 2 hotun hiflo sf 15/32 white
– 2 hotun hiflo sf 15/32 black
– 5 hotun sf shield (compatible with 15 inlet sf models)
– 2 hotun xlsf 22/32 white

– 1 free P.O.S counter-top board

All our products are available from our distributors on a next day delivery (depending on time of order)

We can email you a merchant price list, we just need to confirm that you are a merchant first.

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    Some of the key pages of information for merchants are:-

    • Why is a hotun needed & how does it compare price?wise to current compliant solutions

    Operation, installation, service and warranty instructions

    • for the 100 range click here
    • for the sf?range click here

    WRAS certificates

    Product selection guide & rated flow diagram click here