Pressure relief Valves water now automatically alerting the user for any dripping water hotun detect by RA Tech

hotun detect mounted on hotun dry trap tundish hotun detect in the news hotun detect in tundish water alarm unit

hotun detect in the news!

Big difference with small tech

hotun detect in the news article in Heating and ventilation review

hotun detect has been getting some good coverage in the news recently and has been hailed as the biggest technological step forward in the tundish market since the hotun dry trap tundish hit the merchant shelves back in 2015!

We are being asked, “what is hotun detect” so we have been busy talking to trade magazine editors about the product and got this article published in the Heating and Ventilation Review  publication with the readable PDF version found in the Heating and Ventialtion Review May Issue here on the subject of Tall buildings Titled “Big Difference with small tech”

Tall buildings offer a specific challenge to the removal of any water coming from a sealed systems relief valve. The regulations dictate that this water (which is potentially scalding hot), is visibly conveyed to a safe place of discharge.

Our hotun dry trap tundish provides a compliant solution to get over that issue, and while hotu is a very innovative product that allows easily visible observation of any previously discharged water, it still requires a person in the building to go and look to see what is happening.

hotun detect in the newsWith hotun detect, that need for manual checking has now been removed as the audible alarm will automatically alert the home owner or building user to any water that has been released by the relief valve from the appliance.

This, therefore transforms the hotun tundish from a passive warning system to an ACTIVE warning system, giving an immediate warning that something is wrong and allowing adequate time for issues to be diagnosed and repairs carried out before any damage can be caused.

This is done at a price point that is affordable to all with an RRP of just £17.95

hotun detect – It makes hotun sense