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In one simple fitting, hotun solves the problem of compliantly running a PRV valve discharge from a pressurised hot water cylinder relief valve or boiler pressure relief valve to a local waste or soil pipe. Read our blog posts to discover how the product could help you.

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RA Tech UK Ltd announce the appointment of a new business development Manager

Announcement from Russell Armstrong Managing Director of RA…
PRV discharge pipe routing issues -

PRV discharge pipe routing issues - hotun, the simple solution

PRV discharge process It is essential that, on a sealed heating…

What is a tundish?

What is a tundish? A tundish, for sealed heating (boilers)…

The hotun approach to product development

Why develop?an already good product? From this To this A…

RA Tech UK Ltd announces new appointment

Andy Pattison joins RA Tech UK Ltd as Business Development…
hotun sf range of dry trap tundishes

The New hotun SF range is launched

The New?hotun sf range is launched 5 November 2018 RA Tech…

Ella Gibson Rides to Victory

RA Tech are proud to sponsor #TeamGBTX transplant cyclists and…

The hotun revolution

hotun history cabinet

hotun hiflo UKAS accreditation

hotun hiflo UKAS Accreditation RA Tech UK Ltd invests to give…