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The hotun approach to product development

Why develop an already good product? From this To this A Blog by Russell Armstrong (the inventor of the hotun dry trap tundish) When I first started on product development for hotun, it was with one application in mind, that of connecting the PRV discharge from a small unvented hot water cylinder to a local waste […]

RA Tech UK Ltd announces new appointment

Andy Pattison joins RA Tech UK Ltd as Business Development Director 3 January 2019 Following a significant period of growth, RA Tech is very pleased to announce the appointment of Andy Pattison as Business Development Director  Andy brings a wealth of experience and industry knowledge to the RA Tech team, having spent more than 30 […]

The New hotun SF range is launched

The New hotun sf range is launched 5 November 2018 RA Tech UK Ltd, the creator of simple and long-term solutions that solve common heating and plumbing problems, has unveiled the next generation of its best-selling hotun dry trap tundish The new hotun sf range has been designed to make installation achievable in just a few […]

Ella Gibson Rides to Victory

RA Tech are proud to sponsor #TeamGBTX transplant cyclists and Ella Gibson has just ridden to Gold in the British Transplant Games in Birmingham Read, in her own words, her story All we can say is what an amazing young lady, what fortitude and what a result! Go Elle Go Ella’s saviour and living donor […]

The hotun revolution

 This Small, Simple & Affordable Product Is Going to Revolutionise Plumbing and Architecture as We Know it, we call it  The hotun revolution The Concept I developed a product that could accept a discharge from an unvented hot water cylinder PRV and connect it to drain compliantly. I had absolutely no idea how well the […]

hotun hiflo UKAS accreditation

hotun hiflo UKAS Accreditation RA Tech UK Ltd invests to give our customers the confidence that hotun products perform to the highest levels and now hotun hiflo has UKAS accreditation. Since its inception, the hotun hiflo dry trap tundish has been and always will be all about regulatory compliance. The recent hotun hiflo UKAS accredition […]