All of the hotun range of products have undergone extensive research and testing to ensure you get the quality you have come to expect from RA Tech UK Ltd.


On top of our in house testing, hotun hiflo & all our hotun SF range of dry trap tundishes have been independently tested for high volume flow capability by UKAS Accredited companies;


Kiwa UKAS – hotun SF range flow report can be found here

NSF UKAS – hotun hiflo (100 range) flow report can be found here

The patented and revolutionary range of hotun dry trap tundshes are the only dry trap tundishes on the market that are officially accepted for use by all of these boiler manufacturers

Here is what some of them have to say:

Worcester Bosch

“hotun is a good solution to the issue of terminating PRV discharge pipes from a sealed heating system into a waste water system providing that the waste pipes are of a standard to accept the expected temperatures and pressures of the discharging water”
Martyn Bridges, Technical Director
(WB technical website)
Then, click the “search” bar and type in “TB 0107” or “TB 0121”

Or click on either of the images below to go directly to our copy of the documents!

Worcester Bosch Technical Bulletin TB0107B using hotun dry trap tundish method for combined PRV and Condensate discharge   

Worcester Bosch Technical Bulletin TB0121 B using hotun dry trap tundish method for combined PRV and Condensate discharge


The hotun addresses the issue of removing outflow from a sealed system pressure relief valve into an internal waste or soil pipe, preventing foul odours back into the building when connected to discharge pipes specified as suitable for the temperatures and pressures involved in the system
Martin Butcher, Technologies Specification Manager
(Vaillant website)


hotun provides a great option if you are not able to terminate your PRV discharge pipe to a safe location outside… The hotun has been used many times with our Small Electric Water Heater products including the Europrisma and most recently our Andris Lux models
Antonio Plana, Product Manager – Water Heating
(Ariston website)

Ideal Boilers

The hotun hiflo dry trap tundish is acceptable for use with ideal condensing boilers, it offers a useful solution to the issue of combining a sealed system boiler pressure relief discharge and condensate pipe into a single termination point to a buildings waste water system. Please note that the waste pipes need to be of a standard to accept the potential pressures and or temperatures involved with a sealed system under discharge scenarios

Andrew Dabin

Domestic Product Manager – Ideal Boilers

To see Ideal Boilers Technical Bulletin (Latest revision) – March ’17 please click on the image

Ideal Boilers technical bulletin for combined PRV and condensate solution using hotun hiflo dry trap tundish


We are proud to be an industrial associate supporter and members of the following Professional Industry bodies;

Chartered Institute of Plumbing & Heating Engineers (Ciphe)

Association of Plumbing & Heating Contractors (APHC)

Scottish and Northan Ireland Plumbing Employers Federation (Snipef)

Hot Water Association (HWA)

Comments and support from other industry bodies


“…fabdec envisage hotun as an excellent compliment to their range of unvented water heaters. hotun offering a value engineering proposition to both installer and long term benefits to the end user”

Stuart Doggrell, General Sales Manager – Unvented Water Heaters
(fabdec website)


Central heating water treatment pioneer Chris Adey has pledged his support for a heating installer bringing a new plumbing product to the market, the hotun dry trap tundish.

As a fellow installer who also identified a gap in the market to create MagnaClean, Chris Adey was able to see the hard work which had gone into the design of hotun and appreciated what is required to bring a product to life as a prototype and mass production product.

To see the article written in the Installer Online Magazine click here

Article from Installeronline Adey Backing the hotun dry trap tundish - picture

Severn Trent

“…hotun is a WRAS approved product which has been designed to overcome the problems faced by other methods and does exactly what it says on the tin…”

Ian Mitchell, Water Fittings Regulations Manager
(ST Water website)

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In one simple fitting, hotun solves the problem of compliantly running a PRV valve discharge from a pressurised hot water cylinder relief valve or boiler pressure relief valve to a local waste or soil pipe.

hotun combines a tundish and a non-return valve to make a dry trap tundish which acts as a visible early warning device and prevents foul odours from escaping from the waste/soil pipe.


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