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hotun – not just a tundish
hotun hiflo – the tundish evolved

Below are some videos showing why hotun is different from other tundishes

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This first clip shows Russell testing the trigger point of the valve, to ensure ongoing quality control of the products.

This clip shows our hotun hiflo tundish undergoing a full discharge PRV proving test from a Worcester Bosch Greenstar combi Erp boiler. This was carried out at the Worcester Bosch test facilities at their HQ in August 2015.

The clip shows a test carried out on a standard hotun on my own unvented hot water cylinder. Again, it is a full bore discharge demonstration showing how the tundish copes with the volume of water.

We are constantly being asked “I am replacing a standard tundish, what dimensions is your product so I can prepare the install before your product gets delivered?”

Well, to answer that let me show you how I replaced a standard tundish at one of my customers existing non-compliant installations, with the #hotun tundish. I hope this helps to answer any questions about compatibility!

If there are any other types of clips you would like to see, just email me at russell@hotun.co.uk I look forward to hearing your comments.